Thursday, August 8, 2019

Pacific Ocean poster

Term 3 Week 3. This week we all researched on a ocean. There was Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, Arctic Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and Southern Ocean. I did Pacific Ocean because it sounded like it was very interesting. The deepest point of the ocean is 432,830, The animals that live in the pacific ocean is sea otters, Dugongs, Killer whales, manta rays and Humpback whales. The size of the Pacific ocean is 62.46 million miles and is the largest ocean. This was a really fun project and I can't wait to do it again.   


This term on every Monday we have something called Pūmanawa. Pūmanawa is when there are different activity like cartooning, digital technology, yoga and kitchen science. My first choice is digital technology, my second was cartooning and my third was kitchen science. What we have done so far in digital tech is brickfilm. Brickfilm is when you get Lego and keep on moving it once then take a photo. You just keep on doing that over and over again until you've finished. A really good tip is that you have to keep the camera really really still. I picked technology because I want to learn more about computers.

Friday, July 5, 2019

Egg sitting

The other day our class did egg sitting. We had look after it for a whole week it's just like looking after a baby. The rule was we weren't allowed to leave our egg at home by itself. We had to make a home for our egg. my egg's home had two beds in it a pillow and lot's of paper towels. It was really fun. 

Science with celery

The other day we were at Room 8 for a whole day. While we were there they did this experiment they got a jar and filled it up with water. Then they got the celery and cut it up into piece's. After they added the dye in the water and mixed it together. Now we put in the celery and then we had to want for about two hours. It was really fun.

Thursday, July 4, 2019


In drama we learnt three games that was really fun. The first game was we got our cheers and pick a group. that group has to pick a fruit name we were bananas. When ever the person calls out our group name we had to run to one of our groups cheer and when the person says fruit salad we all had to find another cheer to sit in.

Maori art

The other day we did Maori art that had to be like the famous artist Peter Gossage's art. I did Maui. First we had to look up the picture that we wanted to then after we finish drawing it we used pastel to colour it in. Then we had to dye it it I am really proud of myself I had lots of fun.

Country Poster

In term 2 we had to research on a country. I did Canada. I will now tell you some facts about Canada. In 1965 Canada got its own flag 1755-1764 Expulsion of the acadian 1815 18 June to 18 February war of 18/2 and Pontiac's war 1763. Their leader is Justin Trudeau language French/English. I really enjoyed it.